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Welcome To Fixed4Sport

Fixed 4 Sport was founded in 2012 by it's current Managing Director Shim Ravalia. We’re a private fitness and injury rehabilitation clinic, in Canary Wharf, who get - and keep - you in peak physical condition. We offer 30 to 60 mins Personal Training sessions if you’re looking to get fit, lose fat, or increase muscle tone, We also focus strongly on injury rehabilitation by using the very principles of Sports and Exercise Science.

These could be injuries relating to sporting activity – we work with marathon runners, triathletes, long-distance cyclists – or they could come from working in an office environment. We’re aware of our location – situated in the middle of Canary Wharf – and the stresses and strains on the lives of busy executives in offices all around us.

We carry out in-depth posture assessments on a number of such clients, and work closely with them, to get them back training, or just in top condition for general life and work. Rehabilitation can take the form of injury assessments, sports massage, personal training, nutritional advice, or a mixture of all four: whatever it takes to get you up and running again (in all senses).

We also take a holistic approach in looking at factors outside of exercise and physical therapies, such as diet, sleeping patterns, and your overall wellbeing. We can adapt our training to suit those with differing needs, and clients ranging from semi-professional athletes, to elderly individuals, to those with disabilities to consider, to pregnant women. The beauty of being a private clinic, offering one-to-one training as well as group training, is that we can create a programme uniquely tailored to each client: no one-size-fits-all template. Take a look at the different treatments we offer, to see which takes your fancy, then get in touch to book your initial consultation with us.

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